Photos of Venice by Stephen Hung – Extraordinary!

If you ask me which city I’d never get tired of visiting – my answer is definitely Venice. It’s such a unique and fascinating place to just walk around and get lost sometime but no matter where you go and at every corner you turn there is picture waiting to be taken. My last visit […]

via Gondolas in Venice — Stephen Hung Photography

Cherry Blossoms by Stephen Hung

As long as I can remember, I always joined the tourists and locals alike to see and photograph cherry blossom at Tidal Basin of Washington, DC every year except this year. The March weather this year has been crazy, to say the least. A warmer than normal winter led into a very warm February. That […]

via Cherry Blossom in Washington, DC — Stephen Hung Photography

Tangled lives

20161107_092942Why….do we get ourselves tangled up with others?

To assuage our solitary state?  For time that seems more real, because it’s shared?

For tender looks and touches, and being paid attention to?

For the pleasure of holding another body close, for a few soul-searing moments of ecstasy…

Most hope for all of these…and some times we get them.  Sometimes.










The clarity of things seen in a brighter light (the better to clean the cobwebs away!)

The impulse to spruce up – one’s style, one’s plans, one’s future…

Even the desire to couple up…like other awakening hibernating animals.

Spring in their step for human animals:)







Valentine f♥r Alex Janvier


How did you take…

Suffering and create healing?

Disenfranchisement, and create belonging?

Isolation and create community?

Separation and create connection?

Despair and create inspiration?

Ugliness and create beauty?  Out of a riot of colour, texture and lines, always those lines________

Like an arrow >>> direct to the heart ♥

Credit: Photo of Art by Alex Janvier.